Increasing your Profitability with Our “Unique Team Approach”

American Farmland Investments

Our team is positioned to purchase undervalued farm land allowing you to buy low.

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Lisa Miller, our Director of Research and Acquisition

An Environmental Engineer with over 20 years of experience in water use, water rights and soil analysis. She has a tremendous background in water rights, soil analysis and water use. She will analyze the farmland making sure it has the right water and soil and ensure that the there will be good crop yield for our farmer. She will analyze undervalued farmland allowing us to buy low.

Steve Fiala, Director of Operations

A Certified Public Account with over 20 years of agricultural investment and tax experience. He will also provide you with financial, tax and annual investment reporting. He will ensure we pay the right amount for good farmland.

Todd Miller, Director of Strategy and Economic Analysis

An Economist, MBA and retired  Lieutenant Colonel in the Air force, will provide analysis economic trends and forecasting ensuring the right strategies are used for your investment.